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I’m a Beer Geek, gonna go buy me some ultra-rare beer – Blah Blah Blah

on October 6th, 2012 in Uncategorized by | No Comments

Today’s New Wave of So-Called “Beer Geek.” from John Smith on Vimeo.

This is a very funny video!  Anyway, I’m off out to a craft beer pub to get me some ultra hoppy, rare, special beer that no one else knows about.

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Beer at Music Festivals

on July 26th, 2012 in Uncategorized by | No Comments

Beer at music festivals… Its a hard one!  Do people actually want good beer at music festivals?  About 5 years ago festivals (with the exception of Glastonbury and a handfull on small independant festivals) there would be one beer and one cider brand only.  No need to specify lager, ale etc, or even the need to specify a brand…Just ‘beer please’ or ‘cider please’ …does make it simple though when you are drunk.

However, over recent years there seems to have been a change.  Ale has come into fashion and attracts a younger drinker now.  I would argue that people have started to notice when there is no ale available, particularly those who usually drink it.  Some people can be vocally disappointed  if it isn’t (I am anyway).  Maybe its getting to be the norm to have ale?  I am not sure which major festival started doing ales first, but it obviouslt went down well and now the majority seem to have at least one ale available.

I was at Hard Rock Calling recently and had a choice of 5 (Otter Brewery I think), Field Day had a couple (Redchurch Brewery mostly), Download had 5 or 6 (Hobgoblin alongside others), Bestival has a couple (cant remember what).   However, I guess it is up to the main beer sponsor to dictate which ales are at the festival (or the small brewery has to pay)?  There still is the problem where there is usually only one beer tent which sells them and very often they sell-out.

Something which I think breweries may do in the future (particularly as brewdog have already done it) is set up there own festival.  We attended the Thornbridge Hall Garden Party last year.  The music could have been better but the beer was great!  London Fields kind of have there own little festival, with good beers and good music most weekends during the summer.

I would love to see a good lager at a UK festival!

Anyway….more good beer at festivals please (and not just in one beer tent).


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EBBC12 – Conference Highlights

on June 21st, 2012 in Beer, Beer News, Uncategorized by | No Comments

Having done the 200 mile ride from London to Leeds for the EBBC12 I think we had earnt at least a few beers!

Here are our top highlights of the conference:

1.  All the bloggers and breweries who attended.  Without them im sure we would not have had nearly as much fun!

2.  Fraoch 22.  We were lucky to have Chris from Fraoch on our table!

3. The night of international beers (although we hardly made it past the Netherlands table as we were too busy chatting).  I remember tasting many good beers that night though.

4. Sharps / Molson Coors Meal.  Great beers with some good food (could have had more food though) but most importantly a good table full of good bloggers.

5.  The Magic Rock brewery visit.  Every beer at Magic Rock is exceptional (the branding is also very cool) particularly enjoyed the Rapture and Carnival after a heavy couple of days drinking.

6.  Pilsner Urquel night.  The unfiltered Pilsner is as good as I remember from last year.  By the end of the night could not drink anymore Pilsner!

7.  Live Beer Blogging.  Although we were both feeling very hungover from the Friday night the live beer blogging got us back in the spirit of things.  Some really enjoyable beers.  Standout beers came from Marble (Earl Grey IPA), Rooster (Baby Faced Assassin) and Camden (America Hells).

8.  Instagramming (Instacool) every shot we took!

9.  Free Beer from the many breweries who attended, although we didn’t get as much as last year.

10.  Getting a cheque from Moslon Coors for £100 on our arrival at the conference…Thanks!

Thanks Zepher Adventures.  We are already looking forward to next year.  I am sure we shall be cycling there again if possible!

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En-Route to Leeds

on May 16th, 2012 in Cycling, European Beer Bloggers Conference 2011, Pedalling For Pints, Uncategorized by | No Comments

Today we started our journey from London to Leeds for the European Beer Bloggers Conference 2012.


Day 1 was a relatively easy 55 miles to Milton Keynes but tomorrow will be trickier; 100 miles to Youlgreave in the Peak District, just a stones throw from Thornbridge Brewery. We’ll definitely have built up a thirst by the time we reach Leeds!

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Open It!

on February 26th, 2012 in Uncategorized by | 1 Comment

Cracked open a bottle of Fullers Vintage (2000) for my first ever Open It!  It was aquired during the Fullers Brewery tour during the Sunday tasting seeion at the Brewery as part of the European Beer Bloggers Conference last May and has been siting under my bed ever since.

Today was a perfect occasion for opening the Beer having just run the Tunbridge Wells half marathon.  The 8.5% ale went straight to my head after running that and gave that lovely euphoric feeling that is so relaxing.

I remember drinking this beer at the Beer Bloggers Conference and comparing it against the later years versions.  The 2000 ediation is certainly one of the best.  It gives off a rich fruity aroma with hints of alcohol.  Sipping this beer is heavenly and so many rich  flavours come through such as malty, rich fruits and smooth toffee.  Its a lovely full bodied beer with a sweet mouthfeel.

A good celebration beer for a well run half marathon!


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NZ Beer

on February 11th, 2012 in Uncategorized by | No Comments

Another excuse for why I haven’t been blogging recently is that I took a 8 week trip to NZ. Its an absolutely amazing country…..and the beer aint bad either!

Some beer highlights:

- Epic Pale Ale (awesome flavours, majorly hoppy….what you would expect from Epic. Ive seen some Epic beers for sale in the UK – buy them).

- Epic Lager(one od the best, if not the best lager I have ever had! Hoppy flavour and perfect for just grabbing out the fridge and swigging, wish you could get this in the UK….Especially now that 77 lager is discontinued)

- Macs Brew Bars(cool bars with a great selection of class beers all brewed by Macs….Cool like Brewdog….but the chilled out version without the ridiculous beer).

- Ease of getting locally micro-brewed beers in the supermarket.

- Wanaka Beer Works(some award winning beers here…and Wanaka is so beautiful!).

- Boundary Bouncing Czech(Nice Pilsner from just outside Wellington).

- Plenty of hoppy pilsners available (Montieths Pilsner, Macs Hop Rocker, Bouncing Czech….the list could go on).

And thats just a taster!  Here is some pictures of some lovely NZ beers.


Sweet As Bro!!!

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Pump clip galore!

on October 21st, 2011 in Beer, Uncategorized by | No Comments

Its good to see pump clips of past ales a pub has had.  This is a very busy bar at the Harp in Covent Garden…

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Hardcore IPA Steak

on October 16th, 2011 in Food, Uncategorized by | No Comments

Tried out a new steak marinade using Hardcore IPA, very successful, you get the nice powerful full flavours of Hardcore IPA along with the steak. Goes well with a nice glass of it too.

Based on a couple other beer marinades I found on the internet, used:

Half cup Harcore IPA, 1 tsp dark brown suger,  2 cloves garlic,  little bit of pepper,  fresh rosemary

Left for 12 hours. Tasty!

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Coolest Beer World Records

on June 23rd, 2011 in Uncategorized by | 1 Comment

Stumbled across the Coolest Beer World Records the other day, even though I appreciate the taste of beer im always impressed by people downing a pint, espeically in 0.45 sescs!  Ive updated and checked them as some were out of date:

1. World Record for Downing a Beer – 0.45 secs for a pint (held by Peter Dowdswell- he also holds several other beer drinking records, including drinking 5 pints of beer updside down in 29 seconds!!)

2. World Record for Beer Glasses Carrying – 20 glasses (I Gernam woman did have a go for 21 in 2008, but failed)

3. World’s Bitterest Beer -  Pitstop Brewery created the eight per cent beer The Hop with 323 International Bittering Units (Mikeller X Hop Juice does have a Theoretical IBU of 2007 though!)

4. World’s Strongest Beer – 55% alcohol (Most know what this is, as Brewdog love to talk about it, but if you dont its Brewdog End of History)

5. World’s Biggest House made of Beer Mats – 300,000 beer coasters….stupid!

7. World Record for Most Beer Pints Balanced on the Head – 237 pints….stupid!

8. World’s Most expensive Bottle of Beer - I thought this might be Brewdog End of History but actually its seems to be a 12-litre bottle of Vieille Bon Secours ale which has been stored for the last 10 years and has an alcoholic volume of 8 per cent!  £700 a bottle.

9. World’s Largest Glass of Beer 8 ft pint of Guinness

10. World’s longest-serving bartender – 77 years.  Angelo Cammarata retired in 2009 though. The 95-year-old bartender has been serving customers at Cammarata’s in Pittsburgh.

If you know better let us know!

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Friday Beer Club @ Work

on January 21st, 2011 in Uncategorized by | No Comments

Sat at my desk drinking Kernal Black IPA, lovely hoppy flavour, nice and smooth.  8.4/10..


Had this one as part of our work Friday ‘Beer Club’.  ‘A club for beer lovers’.  Each Friday we hit Utobeer and buy bottles (depending upon members preferences) of quality beers.  Memberships £5, with your first beer free, subsequent beers are charged at cost. 

Brilliant idea, a morale raiser!

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